the Brand

Playshifu is a toy brand that sells educational toys that use Artificial Reality (AR). Started in 2016 by 2 friends who had just become fathers, Playshifu aimed at making screen time more meaningful for children. 

During this pandemic, children are spending even more time on digital devices than ever before. Knowing that it’s educational toys could help children in the current situation, Playshifu decided to increase its online presence to reach out to more potential customers.

They approached us to make a website for the brand.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to make a website that appealed to both the children as well as the adults who made the purchase decision.


We started with research on the target audience. We built buyer personas that consisted of parents who would buy for their own kids, relatives who would gift it to the children in their family, and heads of educational institutes who would get it for the children enrolled in the institute. 

We then worked on the UI elements, the fonts, the colour palette, and the design to make it appear playful for the children while giving essential information to the adults.

The Outcome

The website turned out to be a wonderful blend of interactive elements, product videos, attractive imagery, and informative content.

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