the Brand

For four decades Nirankari Furniture House has crafted premium furniture that combines form and function. With a store that housed all the furniture you required for your home, they successfully created a business that thrived.

However, like all offline businesses affected by the pandemic, they too felt the need to adapt to thrive in the new normal. They needed to go online to reach customers who could visit their store. As a first step towards going online, they needed a website that could showcase their brand to people who were looking for good quality furniture.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to establish an online presence through a website to showcase the brand that mainly worked offline.


To make a portfolio website for Nirankari Furniture House, we first identified who their target audience was. We prioritised the furniture categories to be showcased to this audience. We then created a wireframe that focused on highlighting the quality of these furniture pieces. After that, we worked on the hi-fi prototype of the layout and added elements that made the furniture showcase look aesthetic on devices of any size.

The Outcome

The result was a beautiful website that was minimal, appealing and served the purpose of an online portfolio for the brand.

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