the Brand

Social Media
The Fragile X Society based in Mumbai aims to raise awareness about Fragile X syndrome which is a genetic condition that is caused by a change in a gene that is inherited at the time of conception. They have successfully created a network all over the country with parents and eminent doctors to help people who suffer with this.

The Challenge

They gave us the responsibility to rejuvenate their brand completely – everything from the brand’s logo, design language and tone. These changes would also be reflected on their Instagram account which was also managed by us. The challenge there was to ensure that each post reached maximum people so more awareness could be created about the syndrome.

Fragile X - Case Study Photo

How we went about it

At first, we researched thoroughly about the Fragile X syndrome, how it affected people and what could be done about it. For social media, we also looked for other people and pages that posted about such initiatives. We then planned creative strategies and planned a content bucket that would allow the content to reach more number of people and spread awareness about this syndrome while keeping in mind the sensitivity of the topic.

Brand Rejuvenation

We were approached by Fragile X Society India to take a fresh look at the branding and develop aesthetics that speak to their values. We did exactly that – and it did wonders. The new brand identity spoke to the audience and made the message much easier and faster to grasp.

Social Media

We also took care of their Instagram account and increased the engagement that users had with the page. Our graphic designers and content planners did a great job of putting out content that was well received by all those who saw it. We worked hard to maximize the reach and impressions of each of their posts. We are happy to say that we achieved what we aimed to do.

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