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CASA DREAM is an integrated concept store that sells furniture, furnishings, lighting, home decor pieces, and artifacts for every ground-up and renovation projects. 

The Challenge

They gave us the responsibility of branding, logo design, brochure design, and writing PR content for the brand. The challenge was to ensure that the brand ideology of ‘affordable luxury’ was portrayed through all the mediums consistently.
CASA Dream

How we went about it

After some extensive research about how home decor items ranging right from something big like a lounge to something small like a showpiece were branded by various companies across the world, we began the designing process.

We created a beautiful logo that mirrored the brand objective. Our creative team made a wonderful brochure that showcased the Casa Dream Stores. We also worked to recreate the same experience for the online audience through the social media platforms.

Logo Designing

After going through endless iterations, we created an attractive logo that had the brand initials ‘C’ and ‘D’ used in a wonderful typography. The specific shade of golden that we used adds a tinge of luxury to the brand identity.

Company Stationery

4 - Casa dream mock
2 - Casa dream mock
1 - Casa dream mock
3 - Casa dream mock

Designing essential documents and office supplies that the potential customers will be exposed to – something that introduces the brand at a glance was very challenging. With powerful content and aesthetic images laid out in an elegant layout, we managed to create various business stationery  such as branded letterheads, visiting cards, duct tapes, handbags and envelopes that could inform as well as impress the people who viewed it.

Social Media

Our expert social media marketers researched in-depth about the brand doing well in the home decor space on various social media platforms. After analyzing what kind of content worked the best, they strategized the structure of the Instagram feed. Hard work is put in by our team to make sure we receive maximum impressions and reach for each piece of content posted by @casadreamhome

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